Market overview

Ideally situated between Toronto and Montreal, and less than one hour from a U.S. border crossing, Belleville truly is at the centre of it all. Approximately 49,000 people make Belleville their home and over 200,000 live within 30 minutes of the City. Belleville's bustling city streets contrast the rolling rural landscapes that surround them.

The City of Belleville attracts and retains quality people who share the community's strong rural work ethic. Our labour force is particularly strong in the area of skilled trades, and with the presence of Loyalist College and its specialized training programs, the community has a generous capacity to learn and upgrade skills. Belleville's employers have recognized this quality in the labour force as being their primary competitive advantage.

Successful Radio Marketing is more of a science than luck

Many business owners simply just don't have enough information about how radio advertising actually works in order to assess how well it can work for their business.

We have many clients that have taken the time to learn about how radio works and have become part of the planning process that was tailored to their specific businesses needs; and as a result, are enjoying measurable results from their Radio Advertising.

Starboard Communications has developed a strategic marketing approach with hundreds of categories of businesses with tremendous success and an envious track record.

We've helped to develop a website that can help business owners walk through the many questions about how to begin a successful radio marketing campaign. There are many questions and an equal amount of mis-perceptions of how well radio works; so we are hopeful that business owners will start the the learning journey with us was designed as an entry level resource for all regional businesses, as the first step in making radio deliver great results for each business.

The more regional business owners learn about radio marketing and the results that they begin to enjoy; the more excited they become about managing their campaign as an annual strategy. Changing their commercials and messaging to react to changes in their market, category or seasonal needs has now become a pleasure and well… fun!

So take a trip across the web to our marketing website and help us help you.

You can also contact us directly in order to begin designing a successful, profit generating radio campaign.

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